Business Invoicing Apps ‘A Huge Help To SMEs’, According To Survey

Business Invoicing Apps ‘A Huge Help To SMEs’, According To Survey image

The amount of SMEs using new business invoicing apps is increasing, and a recent survey suggests they are finding them incredibly useful. Apps such as Invoice 2go and Street Invoice have made professional invoicing for SMEs easier than ever.

Research shows that more business owners than ever are downloading the easy to use apps, which allow quick invoicing for both B2B and B2C. SMEs are now able to create and send estimates, quotes and invoices on the spot.

We spoke with small business owner Tim Evans, who uses an invoice app himself. “Invoicing is obviously an important business process”, he said. “I need to make sure my cash flow is positive, which is never easy. Being able to produce an invoice in a timely and professional manner without a great deal of effort makes a huge difference!”

Despite the ease of use, the apps unfortunately don’t have a huge effect on whether clients pay or not, as Tim explained: “The process of invoicing may be easy enough, but that doesn’t mean clients are going to pay instantly. Unfortunately we do still have the issues of payment delays, which can hurt cash flow”.

If you’re using an invoicing app but still have a cash flow that’s at the mercy of invoicing clearing times and delays, speak to a member of the SME Invoice Finance team today and discuss how we can help you get an advance of up to 90% of your invoice’s value immediately.

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