SME Trade Finance

Finance to purchase finished and unfinished goods

  • High Value – Funding facility of up to £3 million for supplier payments
  • Total Payment – We supply up to 100% of the purchase price
  • Flexible Approach – Funds available even without a customer purchase order
  • Fast Customs – We arrange payments for transport logistics, VAT and import duty on your behalf
  • Free to Apply – Simple application – apply in minutes

Trade finance and purchase order financing for UK businesses

Sometimes suppliers don’t give credit terms, which in turn can leave you out of pocket while the goods are being transported. This is where trade finance, also known as purchase order financing, can help. Our trade finance panel can fund the payment to your supplier directly on your behalf in the agreed currency.

This has many benefits, including fast payments for your cash flow, our team acting for you in the country’s native tongue.   It’s such a valuable service for businesses that trade internationally.

Sometimes goods don’t pass through the UK. They are shipped from a supplier in one country to a customer in another country.   We can take care of the financial logistics and help your business in many ways.

By receiving your payments effectively early, you are then able to negotiate better contract terms and pricing with overseas suppliers.  We trade finance in many international countries and in many foreign currencies.  We also help you with the best foreign exchange rates based on our FX trade knowledge and experience.

We can fund up to 100% of your supplier payments to a value of £3 million.

  • Funding facility of up to £3 million for supplier payments
  • Purchase order financing (PO finance) available for UK based exporters
  • We supply up to 100% of the purchase price
  • Trade finance can compliment existing factoring and discounting facilities
  • We arrange payments for transport logistics, VAT and import duty on your behalf
Trade Finance

What is SME Trade Finance?

SME Trade Finance enables UK business to receive financing from lenders, banks and financial institutions to facilitate transactions both domestically and internationally.

Put simply an exporter requires that the importer pays for the goods before they are shipped.  There are certain risks associated with trading in particular international trades. We take the risk away from you and your business by acting on your behalf and providing the trade finance required whether it is a domestic UK trade or international trade deals.

We are helping more and more UK businesses unlock their trade vision by releasing the cash flow burden associated with tied up credit terms. By offering the best in class trade finance from a dedicated funding panel, we are empowering UK businesses to trade more efficiently.

We share the UK government’s vision to support 100,000 new UK exporters to sell their goods overseas by 2020.

A tailored trade finance facility for your business

SME Invoice Finance have a Trade Finance funding solution that works for your business.  We have relationships with a working capital funding panel and are best placed to find the most suitable solution on your behalf.

The approval process is quick and straightforward – we know in most circumstances that when releasing funds, time is of the essence.

We can cater for all types of deals taking place all over the world from China, India, Australia, USA, Canada, Russia, Asia, Europe, South America and Africa.

So increase your purchasing power with SME Trade Finance and speak to our dedicated team today in strict confidence.

SME team

Invoice Finance compliments Trade Finance

In addition to trade finance, we can also add invoice finance to your facility so that cash can be released from your invoices within a 24 hour period.  There are different variations of invoice finance that are designed to meet different business requirements.

The two most popular types of SME invoice finance are invoice discounting, in which the wholesaler retains management of its sales ledger in a confidential arrangement. The other is Invoice factoring, this hands over credit control to the finance provider, who will collect on payments from debtors.


Access funding within 24 hours whilst managing your own credit control – 100% confidential service.


Full credit control and sales ledger management with our funding and collection service.

SME Trade Finance will suit the majority of UK business sectors

We can help any UK business that invoices other companies on credit terms for goods and services.

We help support UK businesses grow

Members of The Federation of Small Businesses

Members of the national association of commercial finance brokers

Unlock the cash in your unpaid invoices today