Confidential Invoice Discounting

Take control of your cashflow

  • SME Invoice Finance – Sell one or many invoices
  • High Advance – Receive up to 90% of your invoice value upfront
  • Fast Funding – Get the money in your account within 24 hours of applying
  • Big or Small Invoices – We fund invoices from £3k – £3m+
  • No personal security – No secured personal guarantee required required
  • Free to Apply – Simple application – apply in minutes

Advantages of invoice discounting:

  • SME Invoice discounting is arranged in a completely confidential way, so your customers don’t know that you’re borrowing against their invoices.
  • You still manage the client account in exactly the same way and we take control of the cash flow in the background.
  • Invoice discounting keeps you in control with your sales ledger operations.

Keeping you in control

At SME Invoice Finance we can help you release the cash locked in your cash flow.  Our funding panel can help release up to 90% of the value of your sales invoices – quickly.  We know how important and ultimately critical how a cash flow situation can halt your business in its tracks which is why SME Invoice Finance funds with immediate effect.

The whole process remains ultimately confidential and your customers remain unaware of the working relationship we have.

How will invoice discounting help my business?

Confidential Invoice Discounting is a great way to manage your business.  It takes the burden of late payment terms away from your busy schedule. It puts monies into your account with immediate effect so that you can concentrate on the important factors of running your business.

Invoice discounting – the benefits:

  • A major advantage over other financial loan products does not rely on you owning any assets to act as security whereas a traditional bank loan would look for this.
  • The process remains confidential to your customers – our team will give you full assurances on this.  You remain in control of collecting payments and nothing changes.
  • SME Invoice Discounting will release significantly more funds than a traditional bank loan or overdraft.

Confidential Service

  • The funding / cash amount available will react to your sales ledger so you won’t have to worry about outgrowing the cash from a typical loan or overdraft.
  • There are other business additions available such as bad debt protection, payroll support which helps to free up your time and protects your business from risk.


Unlock the cash in your unpaid invoices today.