INFOGRAPHIC: What is Invoice Finance?

INFOGRAPHIC: What is Invoice Finance? image

Infographic: What is Invoice Finance?

Invoice finance can help businesses release the cash value tied up in outstanding invoices.

How it works:
1. Choose a customer invoice or multiple invoices you would like to release cash against.
2. Receive advance up to 90% of the value of your sales invoices in 24 hours. Get only as much as you need.
3. When you customer pay, you will receive the remaining balance minus any costs.

The benefits include selling one or many invoices up to 90% of the value upfront, helps improve cash flow, confidential service, funds released in 24 hours and there’s no personal security.

Did you know that UK SME Businesses owed a staggering £67 billion in unpaid invoices in 2015?

Invoice finance will suit the majority of UK business sectors including Accountants, Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction and Exporters.

“Invoice finance is used by more than 40,00 UK businesses to fund their working capital.”

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